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Introducing Woodhouse Eaves


Woodhouse Eaves is young (a few hundred years) compared with the neighbouring village of 'Old' Woodhouse, which goes back to Doomsday times. Both form part of the administrative parish of Woodhouse within the Borough of Charnwood, but they have their own individual identities.

The Woodhouse and Woodhouse Eaves Local History Group has published two informative booklets under the series title "Woodhouse and Woodhouse Eaves in Pictures." The first, "A Breath of Fresh Air" (ISBN 0850224144) is currently out of print but may be accessible through libraries. The second, "Winds of Change" (ISBN 0850224268), is available in local shops such as Oakwood Pharmacy.

This site deals mainly with Woodhouse Eaves as it is now. You can sit at your computer and "walk" the village streets, choosing which way to go at each junction. Or you can go directly to more specific information.

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