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Woodhouse Eaves
Notes on Information Pages

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There is a navigation bar at the top of many pages, with a number of "buttons" you can click.
If you are lost, try the "Index" button or the "Site map" button.
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Some items may contain unintentional errors, or be out of date. Contributors and compilers cannot accept liability for any problems experienced as a result. If you do find any errors, please use the "Email us" button to tell us.

The aim of these pages is to provide useful information about facilities, organisations, buildings, traders etc. in or directly relevant to Woodhouse Eaves.

The Index provides links to each information page and to the various sections within them.

The main "page" indexed is the Directory which has sections dealing with different aspects of village life. It is extensively cross-referenced internally and has links from both the Village map and from photographs in the "Pictorial Tour". Links to relevant parts of the tour and to other information are included.

Thanks are due to the Village Diarist for permission to include material from the printed Village Directory, a document compiled under the auspices of the Community Centre and the Parish Council. It is published in alternate years and much of the information in the on-line directory at present is from the January 2000 edition.

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